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5.11 understands the need for a durable, highly functional Tactical Watch. When they moved forward with their design model, they wanted their Tactical Watches to outperform the competition and truly serve the needs of Law Enforcement and Military. They understand that when working in tactical situations you need a tactical watch that can perform under rigorous conditions. With water resistance down to 100 meters and multiple time zones, their Tactical Watches work wherever you are. They are proud to say that 5.11 Tactical Watches are loaded with innovative, user driven features that won't disappoint.

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511 Tactical 59244 Field Ops Watch Band Kit
Starts at:
Style: 59244
511 Tactical 59230 H.R.T.® Titanium Leather Watch Band
Starts at:
Style: 59230
511 Tactical 90035 H.R.T.® Titanium Watch Case
Starts at:
Style: 90035
511 Tactical 59238 Nylon Watch Band
Starts at:
Style: 59238
511 Tactical 90062 Sentinel Wrist Strap
Starts at:
Style: 90062
511 Tactical 90063 Sentinel Wrist Strap Kit
Starts at:
Style: 90063
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