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Mid Layers

Blauer's mid-layers are most often insulation layers. Check out Blauer's B.Warm and Polartec fleece, which provides excellent insulation and have the wind protection to be worn as outer layers. Blauer sweaters, with and without fleece and Wind Stopper liners, are great looking, machine washable, and the most durable sweaters made.
Layering is here to stay because it offers users the flexibility of adding or deleting layers as the conditions change. Blauer offers various fleeces, soft shells, sweaters, and wind liners that can alternate between insulating and outer layers.

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Blauer 210 210 210 210 210 Classic V-Neck Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 210
Blauer 4670 Colorblock SoftShell Fleece Jacket
Starts at:
Style: 4670
Blauer 4630X Cotton Job Shirt
Starts at:
Style: 4630X
Blauer 221 Fleece-Lined Crew Neck Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 221
Blauer 228 Fleece-Lined Quarter Zip Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 228
Blauer 225 Fleece-Lined V-Neck Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 225
Blauer 227 Fleece-Lined Zip Front Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 227
Blauer 205 Lightweight V-Neck Sweater
Starts at:
Style: 205
Blauer 4605 Softshell 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover
Starts at:
Style: 4605
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