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Base Layers

Base layers are an extension of your own skin. For public safety professionals, these “next to skin” layers must be
comfortable and safe. Blauer offers only cotton rich t-shirts, turtlenecks, and underwear because they won’t drip
or melt to the skin when exposed to accidental electrical current, flames, or high heat. Blauer's base layers also wick
moisture away from the skin and dry faster than ordinary cotton fabrics.

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Blauer 8005 8005 8005 8005 8005 Long Underwear
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Style: 8005
Blauer 8006 8006 8006 8006 8006 Boxer Briefs
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Style: 8006
Blauer 8109 Turtleneck Dickey
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Style: 8109
Blauer 8109X Turtleneck Dickey
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Style: 8109X
Blauer 8119 Mock Dickey
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Style: 8119
Blauer 8119X Mock Dickey
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Style: 8119X
Blauer 8843 Padded Lycra Bike Shorts
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Style: 8843
Blauer 8175 Quickheat Mock Turtleneck
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Style: 8175
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