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Police Flashlights

Used daily by patrol officers across the country, 5.11 Tactical police duty flashlights are built to withstand tough and rugged use while remaining functional and responsive. 5.11 Tactical police flashlights are available in a broad range of sizes and styles to suit the needs of any patrol officer. From a full-sized D-cell to pen-sized utility light, 5.11 Tactical flashlights are crafted from modern polymers to provide superior resistance against scuffing, scratching, and impact. The extended battery life on rechargeable 5.11 Tactical police flashlights offers added security and confidence, and an optional low-power setting allows you to extend that life even further. 5.11 Tactical also provides a full line of custom built holsters for our police flashlights, ensuring easy carry, full mobility, and quick access in any situation.

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