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Women's Code 9 Zipper Front Shirt Long Sleeve

Item Code: L9101Z

Manufacturer: Southeastern Shirts

Southeastern Shirts
A standard in the industry, this police dress shirt is made of 100% textured polyester so that you always have a neat appearance. Features include box pleated pockets, lined scalloped flaps, sewn in military creases, sling badge with sewn in eyelets, lined shoulder straps, lined placket front, 3" yoke for comfort, and a form fit full length body.

Features include:

    Features include:

    • Zipper Front
    • Pleated pockets
    • Lined scalloped flaps
    • Sewn in military creases
    • Sling badge with sewn in eyelets
    • Lined shoulder straps
    • Lined placket front
    • 3-3/4" yoke for comfort
    • Form fit full length body

Price: $47.50


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