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Blauer FWA001 Firma-Tech Insoles

  • Black

Firma-Tech Insoles

Item Code: FWA001

Manufacturer: Blauer


Elite athletes around the world utilize Firma-Tech technology in multiple sports: from the slopes, to the courts, to IronMan. Now Blauer brings that technology to public safety for use in duty shoes and duty boots, to help prevent plantar fasciitis, foot pain, and more.  Reduce wear and tear on your body by restoring your natural balance and alignment.

  • Patented B.FAST™ (Bilateral Foot Alignment Suspension Technology) allows your foot's structures to align and move naturally, providing unprecendented transverse arch support to enhance balance and power while optimizing foot and knee alignment
  • Elevated strategic support zones assist with proper lowering of foot structures, letting your foot flow through its natural movement path without obstruction
  • Patented ribs compress under the foot, reducing impact forces, working with suspension and support zones to align your leg - from foot to hip - to focus leg energy and give you greater power and control
  • May be used as a replacement insole or worn over your existing insoles 

Color: Black
Length: Regular
Price: $69.99


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